About us

Core competences: What are we really good at?

Our key competence is to combine in-depth industry, technology and market analyses with valuation and licensing of drugs, diagnostics and devices. We have particular expertise within therapeutic areas such as oncology, inflammation, metabolic and infectious diseases and utilize our large global networks of relevant medical experts and industry contacts.


Consultancy services: How can we help you?

Wiborg ApS is a leading Scandinavia consulting firm working in the biotech and life science field. We are focused on generating real value to our clients & partners. We do this by:

  • Optimising your product and development goals and strategies
  • Selling your project or product to international partners
  • Saving you money by further improving your project and portfolio management

Track record: We have done it before!

Since 2002, our team of consultants has worked on nearly 300 projects and completed licensing/partnering agreements worth several hundred millions of dollars with many leading biotech and pharma companies around the world. 

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