Brief company history

Wiborg ApS was founded by Ole Wiborg in 2002, with the aim to help biotech companies and universities best develop and commercialize their patents and projects.


Today, more than 10 years later, this ambition is still very much alive. We strive to integrate bioscience and business and all staff at Wiborg combines a scientific background with business development and managerial experiences from biotech and pharmaceutical companies. As described in the Clients & Cases section, we have consistently strengthened our experience by developing ideas into products and bringing them all the way to the market.


Most recently, Wiborg ApS entered a strategic alliance with Trifermed which is a highly successful consulting firm based Barcelona, Spain. Trifermed has core competences in commercializing pharmaceutical products and offices in Southern Europe and Latin America. Our combined services enable us to provide integrated development and commercialization solutions to biotech and pharmaceutical companies on a global scale.

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