"Consultants are expensive and this business development stuff is really not that complicated. We have people who can do the same in-house. So why should we use a consultant?"


Maybe you should not. Maybe you should. We think that you should be careful in your choice and only use consultants if they can generate true value to your business.



This can be done in several ways. We try to do it in three ways:

  • We offer services that are founded on competencies and experience
  • We focus on how value can be generated for you, not for us.
  • We say no to projects that we don't know anything about


Our core services are focused on assisting you in:

  • Optimising your product and development goals and strategies
  • Achieving the best and most valuable deals with partners worldwide
  • Saving money by early closing of the poor projects.


In this section you can read more about our services and find links to relevant cases.

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