Project management

A sense of urgency

A biotech company is always fighting against time and money. Thus, it is critical to drive the projects forward in an efficient manner and delivering results that generate value in the form of new scientific/clinical results or commercial agreements. How trivial it may sound, it is a fact that the importance of good project management in these processes is often completely underestimated.


The team at Wiborg has extensive experience in planning and managing development and licensing projects. We can help in setting the goals, in planning and budgeting activities and in making sure that progress and deviations are periodically reporting to project owners such as steering committees or management.


We have been engaged in a number of projects where we have assumed responsibility for developing prototypes, preparing development and business plans, testing of concepts, pre/clinical data generation etc. Our project management services are scalable and may cover anything from temporary management of minor project tasks to part-time of full-time interim project management.

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