Competitor analysis

Manoeuvring in Dangerous Waters

Who are your current and likely future competitors and how competitive is your project or product compared to the best alternatives? No matter whether you develop an early stage project or is about to launch a new product, it is essential to know the competition.


You can take it for granted that there is always competition! Have you found none, you have not looked hard enough. In R&D projects, reliable competitive intelligence will help you identify both commercial risks and attractive market segments with unmet medical needs or lower levels of competition. Furthermore, knowing your target patient population or customer segment will help you define and validate an optimal target product profile and direct your development efforts towards it.


In a market access scenario, competitive intelligence will help you map the competitive landscape and determine the optimal positioning, selling points and price for your product.


Wiborg assists its clients in performing competitive intelligence by monitoring e.g.:


-      Patents and publications in your field or affecting your IPR

-      Competitors' licensing and M&A activities or change in strategy

-      Progress or failure of competing drugs in clinical development


Competitor analysis is a core competence at Wiborg. We have full access to commercial databases with information on competitors and their products /pipeline. We also do field research  e.g. using our global panel of medical and industry expert.

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