Product positioning

Avoid stepping on others' toes

What is "product positioning"? Well, there are many clever definitions but essentially it is about finding the space where you can make a difference. If it is not clear to the customer why your product is different from other products in the market, the only way you can make a difference is by offering a lower price. This may be a good approach for some, but in biotech, we don't want that to happen.


Optimal product positioning is critical for achieving the best possible match between a given product and the most attractive market (segment) for it. Hence, product positioning decisions should be based on a thorough understanding of both the potential market and the competition in that market.


In our experience, it can be a complex task to determine the optimal product positioning and derived target product profile. In case of a new drug for example, already at the preclinical stage you have to make it clear to yourself how a particular mode of action can benefit the need of a certain patient group. 

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