Commercial strategy

Going alone or by a partner?

When it is clear what is brought to the market, it is time to decide on how this is going to happen. A biotech company typically needs a partner to finalize the late-stage development and eventual commercialization of its product(s). This leads to many big questions: What can we do ourselves? In which markets? With whom do we see a strategic fit? How and when should we attract the interest of these companies?


Dynamic scenario building

One approach to decide on the right strategy is to prepare a number of alternative scenarios taking into account the company's strengths, market opportunities etc. Scenario building will reveal opportunities and also weaknesses that must be addressed. A monetary value can be calculated and put on each scenario, and the risk profile described.

Get to the questions that may hurt: Are you realistic about the value of your projects? Is the data package likely to be strong enough to substantiate the claims you want to make?

Scenarios must consider the dynamics of the changing market place. Maybe the competition changed since your A-round and invalidated your selling points?

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