R&D project strategy

Make choices

Strategy is about making choices. There are always several goals to pursue, different ways to accomplish these goals and never enough time or resources to do it all. So you have to make clever choices and this is what strategy is about.


Prepare for the choices

The most important questions are usually about what to achieve and why, i.e. about defining goals. Exactly what patients, laboratories or users are we targeting? What differentiation parameters are required for approval, reimbursement and the projected sales? What do we need to achieve to get further financing?


Setting goals

Goals are not defined in isolation but influenced by market opportunities, competencies and business-level strategies which themselves may be determined by e.g. stakeholder interests and resource limitations (e.g. funding).


We try to assist in making the analysis and proposing development goals and strategies based on the most relevant and accurate scientific, commercial and stakeholder information. An optimal development strategy will bring you to the goal and limit costs and time spent on unnecessary activities.

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